Fingerprinting – Sourcing Turquoise Origins

Why should a Turquoise Scientist attend? The deposits of turquoise have long fascinated scientists, the science developed to study these deposits is also fascinating. Scientists will learn about the current research and possibilities. Why should a Turquoise Researcher attend? Using the prior studies to write historical information has effected cultures, tourism dollars, and reputations. After this presentation researchers may question… Read More »Fingerprinting – Sourcing Turquoise Origins

Arkansas turquoise?

Why should a Turquoise Collector attend? The Mona Lisa Mine is a rare locality on the market, this will help collectors understand what that name means. Why should a Turquoise Researcher attend? Turquoise does not occur often in the Southeast, so the study of this site could prove vital in the potential discovery of further deposits or prove the rarity… Read More »Arkansas turquoise?