Turquoise Basics

This class is for the novice, for those that are just learning about turquoise. This will go through the basics of turquoise, from how it forms, to how it is graded and sold. Attendees will learn about the imitation processes and how to shop with confidence. Come in with a new fascination for this blue and green rock, walk out… Read More »Turquoise Basics

Lapidary Class

Turquoise lapidary styles go back centuries, in this class you will learn about the history of turquoise lapidary, the equipment used, and you will be able to get your hands (and clothes) dirty by actually learning how to use the lapidary equipment on turquoise. Class cost: $350 This class is not included with conference registration. Class goes on sale April… Read More »Lapidary Class

Collecting 101

This will be the first class in a three class course to become a skilled turquoise collector. Collecting 101 will go through how to plan a collection, how to start your collection, and how to budget for your collection. This class is included with conference registration.