Fingerprinting – Sourcing Turquoise Origins

August 12, 2023 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm


Sourcing Turquoise Origins

Several books and multiple studies have been done on “Fingerprinting” turquoise; looking for a way to test a stone’s chemistry and/or structure to determine the mine source of a specific stone. Generally, these studies and publications have been lacking in their science, conclusions, and accuracy.

There is a study currently being conducted with scientists in the U.S., and Europe, this presentation will show the current status of the study and what the future of this study will include. Attendees will learn the principles behind why the prior studies have been lacking, as well as the principles to use moving forward in this endeavor. Presenters will show study material and current findings to explain this complex subject.

Virgil Lueth
Joe Dan Lowry

Why should a Turquoise Scientist attend?

The deposits of turquoise have long fascinated scientists, the science developed to study these deposits is also fascinating. Scientists will learn about the current research and possibilities.

Why should a Turquoise Researcher attend?

Using the prior studies to write historical information has effected cultures, tourism dollars, and reputations. After this presentation researchers may question the histories they “know”.

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