Arkansas turquoise?

August 11, 2023 from 10:45 am to 12:15 pm

Arkansas turquoise?

A geologic evaluation of the Mona Lisa Mine

I will discuss the geologic setting of turquoise in Arkansas and describe how turquoise may have formed in that location. This will include structural, mineralogical, and geochemical interpretations. Similar techniques could be applied at turquoise localities around the world for better scientific understanding of the gemstone. I also intend to speak about my background and getting into turquoise through a university education in geology, with a goal of sparking discussion about getting the younger generation of geologists to be aware of turquoise.

Alexander Goodsuhm

Why should a Turquoise Collector attend?

The Mona Lisa Mine is a rare locality on the market, this will help collectors understand what that name means.

Why should a Turquoise Researcher attend?

Turquoise does not occur often in the Southeast, so the study of this site could prove vital in the potential discovery of further deposits or prove the rarity of the site itself.

Why should a Turquoise Scientist attend?

This is the only comprehensive study done about this locality. The use of lead isotopes in tracking the movement of metals has also not been applied in this way to turquoise.

Why should a Turquoise Miner attend?

The location of the turquoise poses significant challenges for mining the site commercially. I plan to discuss how Avant Mining has proceeded and anticipate that the miners in the audience will have opinions on that. The structural methods I employed in the study could be used in exploration as well

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