Hall of Fame Banquet

August 12, 2023 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Speaker: Sponsored by: Top Turquoise Inc.

Turquoise history goes back thousands of years, for a stone to remain relevant for that amount of time, there were and are some very influential people that have effected the turquoise world. From keeping turquoise interest throughout history to finding new and influential turquoise mines, to inventing ways to increase production to meet demand; people have made turquoise what it is today.

The people that have influenced the turquoise industry and the people who influenced the world with turquoise deserve to be recognized. This banquet is held in honor of the inaugural class of The Turquoise Hall of Fame.

honorees will be inducted during the banquet, as well as the new Leadership Board members will be announced and the location and plans for Turquoise United 2024. Award winners from the contests will also be recognized during the banquet.

The banquet is included with conference registration