Club Meetings and Elections

August 10, 2023 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Turquoise United is designed to be run not only for the industry, but by the industry. The first step in organizing will be to set up and found groups or clubs for members of each turquoise specialty. These clubs will be a place to exchange information and ideas, a format to get to know others in each specialty, and most importantly, a way to help decide the future path of Turquoise United.

Club Ideas

C.G. Wallace, J.W. Edgar, J.C. Zachary Jr., Don Zachary 1988

All turquoise specialties are welcome to form a club.

Specialties may include: Miners, Lapidaries, Appraisers, Artists, Collectors, Scientists, Dealers, Imitation Developers, and more!

Club Requirements

Club requirements are very simple.

All clubs must have a minimum of 3 members that meet the membership qualifications of that club.

All clubs must have a name.

All clubs must agree on a set of by-laws to govern their club activities.

Get Involved

photo of people near wooden table

Propose a specialty club.

Inaugural club meetings will be held on Thursday August 10th. By-laws, election of officers, and election of board member will take place during the first meeting. Attend this session to join your appropriate club.