RFP 2024

Turquoise United conference RFP

The Turquoise United conference is looking for bids for the 2024 conference to be held for three days (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) between the first week of July and the second week of August 2024.

Turquoise United was started in 2022 as an annual conference for the international world of turquoise. The conference features educational classes geared towards the general public as well a multi-session symposium designed for those in the industry, a turquoise Gem Market open to the public, a gala, a banquet, spectator contests and an auction.

In the first year of Turquoise United, the conference had 120 registered attendees representing four countries. As the conference continues, we expect these numbers to expand and grow.

The ’22 and ’23 conferences have been held in Albuquerque, NM; we are looking for a host city in 2024 and will also be open to 5 and 10 year proposals that make it possible to find a permanent home for this conference. The main factors that will be used to make the final decision are costs involved, spaces available, potential tax packages for vendors, and most importantly what your city has to provide to the greater turquoise community (Examples: shoppers for gem show, nearby turquoise mines to tour, turquoise educational facilities to tour, turquoise related manufacturing to tour, turquoise artistry shops to tour, and turquoise shopping, etc.)

Proposal requirements:

A. Spaces available

Aspects of Turquoise United are going to change and grow from year to year, the specific conference schedule for 2024 has not yet been finalized. Space requirements should not drastically change from what is outlined below.

  •  Lecture hall for 400-500 attendees (conference location)
  •   Vendor hall for 50-80 vendors (conference location)
  • Hotels for attendees near conference center (rooms will be booked by attendees directly)
  •  5-10 breakout rooms (conference location)
  • Gala venue for black tie event (conference or other location)
  • Banquet venue for closing banquet (conference location)
  • Space for competitions (conference location)

B. Turquoise related attractions

Please provide a description of how our attendees’ businesses, collections, knowledge, and lives will be improved by attending Turquoise United in your city.

  • Turquoise related day trip destinations
  • Pre/post conference shopping
  • Museums or educational institutions that might relate to turquoise

C. Vendor tax rates

The Gem show will have 50-80 vendors selling turquoise and turquoise services, how does your city handle out of state vendor registration and taxes?

D. Travel

Please provide information about traveling to your city as well as around your city.

  • How easily is your city accessible by car, and plane? 
  • How easy is it to access your city from another country?
  • Once in your city, how easy is it to travel to stores or venues?
  • Is your city set up for easy and safe public transportation or is it more car friendly? 


All proposals must be submitted to Jacob Lowry Jacob@turquoiseunited.com by 6/15/23 at 12:00pm MST. Any late submissions will not be considered. 

Final decision will be made by the Turquoise United Leadership Board on 8/10/23. On this day, during our deliberating meeting, you may receive questions by phone or by email about your proposal. 

Cities will be ranked by the board and the first city will be contacted no later than 8/20/23 to start the booking process.

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