The Vision

A “Family reunion’, “Meeting-of-the-minds”, and gem show all rolled into one; Turquoise UNITED


For decade, if not centuries the turquoise industry has functioned as many small regions of knowledge, information, technique, and practice. These regions have all found some incredible practices and knowledge throughout the years. The vision for Turquoise United is to host a symposium each year with presenters sharing research, knowledge, and/or experience with others in the industry, so that all corners of our industry can grow together.

C.G. Wallace, J.W. Edgar, J.C. Zachary Jr., Don Zachary 1988

Family Reunion

Turquoise around the world is often a family affair, with miners, lapidaries, and artists learning the craft from their parents. These generations grow up with other turquoise families as close friends and even adopted relatives. one aspect of Turquoise United is a gathering of these families together, some of which we see rarely, if at all.

Gem Show

The Turquoise United gem show is designed to give access to a show completely dedicated to TURQUOISE. Through the years we expect the show to grow and include more and more dealers and more and more customers.

-The Dream-

The hope for Turquoise United to one day become

BY and FOR the turquoise industry

Turquoise United is designed to one day be run by a board of directors consisting of one member from each of the following communities: Miners, Lapidaries, Scientists, Dealers, Collectors, Artists, and Imitations Insiders. (This list may grow or shrink over the years.)

The Turquoise Museum is planning and organizing the first Turquoise United conference, but we hope to grow a list of members registered as representatives of these communities to grow Turquoise United.

Turquoise Hall of Fame

The Turquoise industry is and has been home to some of the most interesting and fascinating people on this planet, the Turquoise Hall of Fame will be an annual ceremony to recognize those that have made a lasting impact on turquoise. Each year Turquoise United will accept nominations and a panel will vote on that year’s inductees.

Turquoise Competitions

As with any industry, there is skill involved in working in turquoise. One day we hope to include competitions to show off the skills that we all use on a daily basis.