Official Announcement of session subjects

Announcement of 2023 Symposium sessions

Statement from Craig Comish, Symposium Chair

On behalf of Turquoise United, I have the distinct privilege of announcing the presentations for the 2023 Turquoise United Symposium. This year we are excited to have four sessions during the symposium, this doubles the offerings from the first symposium in 2022. 

In 2023 attendees of the symposium will have the opportunity to learn about new turquoise discoveries in Arkansas, fingerprinting science, laboratory protocols when testing turquoise, and the laws governing this amazing gemstone. The presentations are listed below, for detailed information, please visit the Turquoise United website. 

Session #1: Laws: Liabilities and protections

We are looking forward to panelists discussing the laws that govern turquoise and protect our consumers. We are also excited to announce that this panel will have a representative from the United States Department of the Interior. This panel may discuss everything from claim laws to sale of end-use art. 

Session #2: Arkansas Turquoise?

Alexander Goodsuhm has performed a geologic evaluation of the Mona Lisa mine in Arkansas, Mr. Goodsuhm will present his conclusions, and defend his research. We are excited to provide a platform for new research to be presented each year.

Session #3: Identification of Turquoise in the Gemological Laboratory

Dr. Aaron Palke will give a behind the scenes look into turquoise testing and other protocols at GIA labs

Session #4: Fingerprinting: Sourcing Turquoise Origins. 

As announced in 2022 this session will be presented by Virgil Lueth and Joe Dan Lowry looking at the possibilities of testing turquoise chemically to determine the mine source.

As in 2022 each session will have a panel discussion with representatives from each turquoise specialty group. Visit the Turquoise United website to apply to be a panelist. 

Applications are open now for presentations at the 2024 Turquoise United Symposium, to submit an application to present, visit the Turquoise United Website. 

I am looking forward to seeing each of you at Turquoise United 2023! This will be another incredible conference and year for the turquoise industry. 

Craig Comish

Turquoise United Symposium Chair

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