Grading Working Session

During the symposium at Turquoise United 2022 Joe Dan Lowry presented a comparative, quantified grading system for turquoise. After presenting the system, the panel asked questions as Joe Dan defended the system. This grading event during Turquoise United 2023 will be the final step to prove the system, Joe Dan will be present to discuss any potential flaws to the… Read More »Grading Working Session

Collectors Choice Auction

The Collectors Choice Auction is the annual turquoise only auction setting the stage for international standardized pricing for turquoise. Each year the auction has some extremely high grade turquoise available for sale. 2023 is no exception, items will go through strict qualifying standards to select the 10 highest grade stones. Submit your item to be auctioned off to some of… Read More »Collectors Choice Auction

Highest Grade Stone Contest

Collecting turquoise is not as simple as buying a piece of turquoise, collectors take years to perfect their skills to select the best possible stone available; this contest is about honoring that skill set. Collectors are invited to enter up to one piece of turquoise from any mine source in this competition, your piece will be judged against other collectors’… Read More »Highest Grade Stone Contest