Highest Grade Stone Contest

With the announcement of rules for the Highest Grade Stone Contest at Turquoise United 2023. The Turquoise United team is showing what this annual event will truly become, a place where everyone who has “the best” or “some of the best” turquoise in the world will bring their stones and try to prove they own the best. This will become like an Olympic arena where turquoise collectors come to show off their collections. 

I can see this competition becoming not just very interesting, educational and entertaining but very prestigious; with the winning stones gaining in notoriety and collectibility. We see jewelry collectors bragging that their necklace won a ribbon at the Santa Fe Indian Market, and they keep that ribbon for years and sometimes decades to come. In a few years I can see dealers and collectors  bragging about how their stone placed at Turquoise United. 

In the next few years it will be amazing to watch as stones become undefeated year after year, until a new stone is entered that is better than any stone that has ever been entered. 

The flow of the contest says that the panel of judges will publicly discuss the top grouping of stones and how they compare before crowning a winner. This will allow for spectators to learn more about the stones entered and turquoise in general. 

All in all this is going to be a great contest. 

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