Join Bruce Woods to learn more about how turquoise is mined.

Bruce was born in Austin, Nevada and has mining in his blood. After highschool, he worked the Nevada Blue Mine and Blue Diamond Mine with Ron Hammon who was like a father to him. He gave him the passion for turquoise that he still has today, and he mined turquoise in the summer. In the winter he worked in some of the underground mines around Nevada.

Eventually Bruce found Jeri Collier. She had moved to Austin, Nevada because her father Jack Collier  was a cutter and a silversmith. He relocated their family to mine turquoise there. They eventually married and started a family, who as they grew also found a passion for turquoise as well. 

Bruce and Jeri eventually broke out on their own and started mining their own turquoise claims. The first mine they owned was the Nevada Blue Mine.  Eventually they had the chance to purchase the Godber-Burnham mine. They jumped at the chance to own a mine rich in history of beautiful turquoise. So in July of 1999 Bruce and Jeri Woods became the owners and operators of the Godber-Burnham Drycreek Turquoise Mine.

The Godber Burnham mine has been mined since the 1920’s. Bruce quickly found out that the beautiful blue turquoise web, that the mine is famous for, isn’t laying about for just anyone to find. Good thing he is a dozer operator who knows how to go searching for it. 

Due to the underground workings and not knowing where they all were, Bruce used his many years of experience in mining to open the mine up and get to more turquoise. When asked how difficult it was he said, “Imagine being at the top of a giant ant hill and having to work your way down and not fall into one of the long caverns.” This mine’s turquoise forms in pockets so as most miners do when you find an amazing pocket he always hopes that he doesn’t come to the end of it or find a stope… but the problem is those pockets are short lived and he’s on to the next one.